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What is Fitness Mastermind?

 This is online personal training delivered by video.

We believe that being fit and athletic should be easy, and it is much easier when we open ourselves to share and be held accountable to others.  

The Mastermind principle is a promise between two or more people to work in harmony to attain a common definite objective.

Members from around the World connect, share, and lift each other up. 

How is this different from other programs?

It comes down to coaching. Our coaches guide you to understand the reasons for and science behind our three pronged approach. 

  • Set your big goal and received workouts aimed at keeping your strength and shape the way you like it.
  • Accelerate your transformation with a 15 day 'snowball' goal. Snowball goals need to feel easy and create more momentum.
  • Share your snowball goal with our online community and do your best to achieve a 15 day snowball streak. 

Why was this online program created?

Fitness Mastermind exists to help you get fit and stay that way. We are building a community of game changers that support each others values.


Is this right for you?

Please apply ONLY if you meet the following qualifications…

1) You are a former competitor with some past experience of going to practice, rehearsal, or class.  

2) You're a 'producer' - you rock in your day job and love contributing your skills, talent, and ideas with others.   

3) You believe you can have lasting results. Your yo-yo days are going to end with this program.

4). You’re ok with sharing. Being in candid communication is no big deal for you.  


Here are the benefits of joining. 

A personal roadmap
Each month, your workouts are updated in line with your goal and lifestyle.  

Video workouts
Each month your exercise videos or movement instructional videos are uploaded to your account.

30min coaching session each month
This is your time to speak face to face with your coach to ask questions and level up your approach.  

Habit based nutrition program
Diet is the key. Build and re-enforce the basic pillars of an excellent diet. This program is completely individual and moves at your pace.

Online Personal Training with a Twist.

Proven and effective exercise programming meets personal power. Imagine a program with fun and effective workouts with a coach who knows how to help you finally find your fitness rhythm. My services all come with a commitment to quality, teamwork, and results. 

How Online Training Works

STEP 1: Choose your commitment level and sign up. 
STEP 2: Open your welcome email and follow app sign up instructions. 
STEP 3: Start Training and Schedule Live Technique Lab Skype/Facetime Calls. 



My wife and I are two people that when we commit to something, can achieve great things. But sometimes, it’s hard to get going and make that initial commitment. Workout out and getting fit been one of those things that for the longest time, we’ve struggled to really get going.

Kevin was recommended to us from a friend and from the very beginning it has been a fantastic investment both in time and money. Not only has working out with Kevin helped my wife and I become the most fit we’ve been in years, but it’s also been great for our relationship; it’s another thing we now bond over and challenge each other on.

If you’re looking for motivation and structure to help get fit and feel amazing, Kevin is your guy. Highly recommended.
— Kevin Murray
Kevin kicked my ass. Between sets, he made me think of my business in a way I hadn’t ever thought of. During sets, I thought I’d never forgive him. That changes when you see the results. You’re not suppose to love your trainer for the last two reps, if you do, you hired the wrong trainer. Kev, gets you out of the comfort zone. That where the big changes happen, that’s the magic.
I’ve worked with many personal trainers and Kevin is different. He is fun, engaging and customizes every single workout to not only my fitness goals, but also to how my body is feeling/responding with progress.

I saw immediate results in building muscle in my arms and felt improvement in my running after working on posture and building strength in my knee.

Kevin is someone I will continue to call on and work with as my fitness goals shift over time.
My body looks much better, and overall I’m much healthier in my choices. Be it from eating right, to not drink as much, Kevin really helped guide me to discovering them myself.
Although building strength and improving alignment have been rewarding, working with Kevin has yielded results deeper than physical fitness. My work in the gym has become a catalyst for other changes I’ve wanted to make in my life.
— Rich Giles


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